Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unbelievable Urinals

You've got a certain guy already in your line of vision and you know that you want to see what can happen. He seems to have all of the things that you are looking for in a man, and you know that you would just die to seem him running off with some other woman. Is there some way that you could practically guarantee that he falls for you fast and not any other woman?

Here are 4 tips to make him fall fast for you:

1. First off, you have to believe that you will get him. Don't go thinking that you are not attractive enough to get his attention or that there is no way a guy like that would fall for you, because you CAN make it happen. The more that you BELIEVE that you can end up getting the guy that you want, the more likely it is that it WILL happen.

2. Connect with him on a physical level. Boys will be boys, and guys are definitely into the physical side of things. When you physically flirt with a guy, you are going to make a connection with him that he really cannot get out of his mind. This will get him thinking, and YOU will be the one that he is thinking about. And that is a good thing for you.

3. Tease and tempt him. A woman that is very alluring, a tease of sorts, can easily create a feeling of attraction with any guy that she wants to. If you want to practically guarantee that YOU are the one that ends up getting the guy, then you have to tease and tempt him. Woo him the way that only a woman can, and he will be eating out of the palm of your hand.

4. Don't give in to sex too soon with a guy. Even though you may want it to happen, and you can be sure that he does too, you have to put him to the test and see how he measures up. Men can easily change the way that they feel about a woman if they end up in bed with her too quickly and you do not want to do that to yourself.

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