Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Define Extreme Laziness

It is easy to make any new relation, but it is really tough to continue with it in a long run. When we make new relations, it often known as friendship. We start conversation and shake our hands with these people. But it is really tough to play the role of friend in real life. You can read some quotations on friendship to know the expectations and attitude of friends for each others. In these friendship quotes, it is clearly said that friends are one soul dwelling in two bodies. Real mates can stay far from each others but they can not stay without remembering and talking to each others. They are always in touch with one another. There are no formalities in real friendship. So you must take care for the compatibility of the person with whom you are going to develop the relation of friendship.

There are some questions which you should ask to yourself before going ahead in companionship.

* Does he/she eager to be in my company?
* Do we have same likings and interests?
* Do we feel happy in each other's success and celebrations.
* Do I feel comfortable with him/her?
* Does he/she give me importance in our group?
* Does he/she come and support me even in his/her busy schedule?
* Am I understand him/her?
* Do we able to understand each other's emotions and reactions?
* Do I ready to the best for him/her?

If you find all the answers in yes, then do not wait and go ahead. Do not let him/her go, just move further because real friends are tough to find. You can read friendship quotes to know the responsibilities of true friends.. True friendship stays in the heart of friends for forever. There are endless great memories with mates. It is the relation where both friends put their best to do the best for each others,

You only come to know the value of friendship when your friends are not with you. At that time, you miss there absence, their talks, their care and all. So finding a true friend is the best gift which you give to yourself. You make your life meaningful and worthy. So take care while making friends because there must be match of proper tuning between both of you. You must feel comfort and relax in the company of your true mates and enjoy with them.

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